Oct 12 2011

Spin $2 million slots

Category: James @ 22:50


Spin 2 Million $ slot machine has me addicted with a sweet money orientated theme. In all honesty I’ve never played a machine like this and love its bonus feature idea plus the red/black gamble feature after every win giving away 2 to 1 odds. Although on this occasion my session wasn’t overly successful I still have to share my first session on this machine and the first of many.

Well overall as this was my first time I was just spinning $0.10 over the 5 win lines on offer so I could get a feel for the machine. Most of the time I hit x2 multipliers which didn’t cover my bets, but this is normal when you play 5 win line machines.

The machine was chewing away my $10 soft investment money, at $0.10 per win line my bets were totaling $0.50 per spin only hitting low multipliers barely covering my wager,  when after 28 spins I hit x5 $15k icons in a row coughing up $15 plus I hit multipliers on another win line. $15 was nice, but I did kick myself a little bit for not making more out of it.

Usually I play soft to begin my sessions with only $5 and low stakes, but as this slot was new I played with $10 at low stakes ($0.10 per line), but if I had stuck to my guns with $5 I would have upped the ante earlier, so then by the time the x5 $15k icons (x150 multiplier) landed on the reels I would have been betting $1 per line. Yes, that’s right I would have landed a cool $150 and called it quits for the day. I figure I would have been $120+ up at this point betting $5 per spin.

I will defiantly be playing this game a lot, so look out for more blogs and a bonus round bonanza.




Sep 11 2011

Elektra Slot Session @ William Hill

Category: James @ 02:35


William Hill offers Elektra 5-reel 20-payline video slot and I took a crack of the whip to see if this machine is worth all the hype.

Personally I love it and wish I hadn’t played it in some ways because I’m addicted. I’m always awaiting the bonus round, but in my latest session unfortunately no bonus round and not a huge success story as before.

To start with I was very shy with my bet amounts and bet only £0.01 on each line giving me a total £0.20 wager per spin. The first few spins were balanced by a consistent appearance from the scatter symbol keeping my bank roll at a stable level. Each time 2 seemed to roll in paying out x2 my total bet totaling £0.40 then when upped the ante to £0.02 per line another scatter win hit me.

Eventually, I kept running back and forth scatter symbols being the only highlight of my session and after about 20 minutes and over 100 spins I decided to do or die. I took the risk to see if the machine wanted to pay out by upping my per line bets £0.05, so £1.00 per spin. My tactic was 10 spins for £1 per spin and then quit no matter the result.

Spin 2 – £3.30: What a result Line 1, 16 and 17 came in paying out £3.70. The “Wild” symbol combined on line 16 with the x70 multiplier on my £0.05 bet.

Spin 3 – £2.00: Another 2 scatter symbols.

Spin 6 – £1.20: Line 1 x20 multiplier paying £1.00 plus lines 16 and 17 gave me a double on the same symbol so another £0.10.

Spin 7 – £3.30: 2 scatters for £2.00 and Line 2 combined for x20 multiplier. Lines 18 and 8 gave a x3 multiplier combining the wild and one symbol.

Spin 10 – £7.65: The very last spin line 6 hit a x150 multiplier while line 11 hit the x3.

Not the most successful session on this occasion, but I came out without a scratch while having some fun!




Jul 5 2011

My roulette night at William Hill

Category: James @ 23:04

I played at William Hill's casino last night and had an amazing windfall starting with £20 I ended the night with £130. I decided to try my hand at roulette to make a change from my usual poker table games. The roulette pro £0.10-£15 betting turned out to be a successful venture and I would like to share my strategy.

At first I tried a few free spins to check out the consistency. My game plan was to bet low and increase my percentage. My bets on the even odds payout options; red or black, odd or even plays, high or low, were all £1 minimum doubling my wins. This was the start of a fruitful sit down.

The results at first were nearly all in favor of red, so I decided to take a friends advice and go with the flow. Sure enough another red came out and I got my double up. The next result came in red again number 33. Going with black on the next go (against my friend’s advice this time) proved successful and then I successfully bet black again.

My night progressed with back and forth double ups while I waited for at least a 30 spin cycle before betting on single numbers avoiding the even odd bets. I spread my bets over numbers that had not yet hit via 3 street bets and straight on the numbers. What a great move because on the second and third spins I hit my numbers on the streets and straight on twice winning me a cool £6 back. It was a shame I was only betting £0.10 on each number at 35-1 I only won £3.50 profit on these bets. I always bet £0.01 on the 0 as I had not seen it and, BAM, 0 came in.

After working my way through about 40 spins I changed my tactics again as a few numbers began showing up two or three times over the session. I spread bets over the dozen numbers betting options across or coloumns at £1 splitting columns and dozens into £0.50 up the board and some small street bets covering numbers that had not come in more than once across the board as much as I could. I also lay £2 worth of bets over the 10 least frequent numbers at a rate of £0.20 per number. Almost every spin I was getting back 3-2 on my £5 and when I hit the number I was gaining up to £10 profit per spin on top of my overall bets.

All in all it was a good night at WH pro roulette for someone that doesn’t often play roulette.