Elektra Slot Session @ Palace Of Chance

Palace Of Chance Casino offers Elektra 5-reel 20-payline video slot and I took a crack of the whip to see if this machine is worth all the hype.

Personally I love it and wish I hadn’t played it in some ways because I’m addicted. I’m always awaiting the bonus round, but in my latest session unfortunately no bonus round and not a huge success story as before.

To start with I was very shy with my bet amounts and bet only £0.01 on each line giving me a total £0.20 wager per spin. The first few spins were balanced by a consistent appearance from the scatter symbol keeping my bank roll at a stable level. Each time 2 seemed to roll in paying out x2 my total bet totaling £0.40 then when upped the ante to £0.02 per line another scatter win hit me.

Eventually, I kept running back and forth scatter symbols being the only highlight of my session and after about 20 minutes and over 100 spins I decided to do or die. I took the risk to see if the machine wanted to pay out by upping my per line bets £0.05, so £1.00 per spin. My tactic was 10 spins for £1 per spin and then quit no matter the result.

Spin 2 – £3.30: What a result Line 1, 16 and 17 came in paying out £3.70. The “Wild” symbol combined on line 16 with the x70 multiplier on my £0.05 bet.

Spin 3 – £2.00: Another 2 scatter symbols.

Spin 6 – £1.20: Line 1 x20 multiplier paying £1.00 plus lines 16 and 17 gave me a double on the same symbol so another £0.10.

Spin 7 – £3.30: 2 scatters for £2.00 and Line 2 combined for x20 multiplier. Lines 18 and 8 gave a x3 multiplier combining the wild and one symbol.

Spin 10 – £7.65: The very last spin line 6 hit a x150 multiplier while line 11 hit the x3.

Not the most successful session on this occasion, but I came out without a scratch while having some fun!

Elektra Slot Session