My roulette night at Silver Oak Casino

I played at Silver Oak casino last night and had an amazing windfall starting with $20 I ended the night with $130. I decided to try my hand at roulette to make a change from my usual poker table games. The roulette pro $0.10-$15 betting turned out to be a successful venture and I would like to share my strategy.

At first I tried a few free spins to check out the consistency. My game plan was to bet low and increase my percentage. My bets on the even odds payout options; red or black, odd or even plays, high or low, were all $1 minimum doubling my wins. This was the start of a fruitful sit down.

The results at first were nearly all in favor of red, so I decided to take a friends advice and go with the flow. Sure enough another red came out and I got my double up. The next result came in red again number 33. Going with black on the next go (against my friend’s advice this time) proved successful and then I successfully bet black again.

My night progressed with back and forth double ups while I waited for at least a 30 spin cycle before betting on single numbers avoiding the even odd bets. I spread my bets over numbers that had not yet hit via 3 street bets and straight on the numbers. What a great move because on the second and third spins I hit my numbers on the streets and straight on twice winning me a cool $6 back. It was a shame I was only betting $0.10 on each number at 35-1 I only won $3.50 profit on these bets. I always bet $0.01 on the 0 as I had not seen it and, BAM, 0 came in.

After working my way through about 40 spins I changed my tactics again as a few numbers began showing up two or three times over the session. I spread bets over the dozen numbers betting options across or coloumns at $1 splitting columns and dozens into $0.50 up the board and some small street bets covering numbers that had not come in more than once across the board as much as I could. I also lay $2 worth of bets over the 10 least frequent numbers at a rate of $0.20 per number. Almost every spin I was getting back 3-2 on my $5 and when I hit the number I was gaining up to $10 profit per spin on top of my overall bets.

All in all it was a good night at Silver Oak pro roulette for someone that doesn’t often play roulette.

Silver Oak Casino is a new gambling site that offers players the chance to win real cash. The casino features games from top providers including Playtech, Net Entertainment and Microgaming. There are plenty of bonuses for new players as well, with up to $5,000 in welcome bonuses available.

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