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InterCasino have a 100% sign up bonus up to $100 and the wage requirements are different depending on which game you wish to play. I signed up with the code W21JUL to allow for blackjack and the wage requirement for that is 50 x Bonus ($5000). The first thing I noticed when playing at InterCasino is the speed of the software. Probably the fastest I've seen so far which is always good when you're trying to follow the Casino Whoring guide and play conservatively. I pretty much played $2 hands through the entire wage requirement and I ended up on $240, so a profit of $140. The withdrawal process is almost instant which is a lot different to previous casinos I'd played at. Usually I would have to wait a couple of days, or I would have to send identification documents to the casino first. I deposited/withdrew using Neteller. More information about InterCasino


Bet365 Casino offer a 100% bonus up to $200 with a wage requirement of 12 x (Bonus + Deposit). I deposited $200 to get the maximum bonus and off I went to play blackjack. I was very unlucky in the beginning and I went on a big losing streak dropping to around the $300 mark. The software is really quick though and I managed to claw my way back up to $335 by the time I met the wage requirement. So in the end, I made a profit of $135. Not as big a win compared to previous records but a profit nonetheless. More information about Bet365 Casino

Yukon Gold

This is a REALLY great bonus to take advantage of and I highly recommend that everyone try it. It's not really a 'bonus' per se, but the great thing about it is that when you deposit $50, Yukon Gold give you a money back garauntee if you lose. I approached this bonus by betting the whole lot on the first hand and just seeing what happens. Since the wage requirement is only 1 x Deposit, I could have either won a quick $50, or broken even. Unfortunately I lost, and I went about claiming the refund which was a very simple process of filling out a short online form. Within an hour, I had my money refunded back into my account. More information about Yukon Gold

Golden Palace Casino

Golden Palace offer a really great bonus of 300% up to a maximum of $300. So I followed the instructions on the website and unlike previous bonuses I had done, in order to claim the bonus you must give them a toll free call at 1-888-217-5648, and quote the code A3973. They also provide the necessary extension numbers for residents outside of North America on the website. So I called them accordingly and the process was very quick and easy. The customer support is very friendly, professional and quick. Within moments I received the 300% bonus and was ready to again apply the Blackjack Strategy guide. It didn't take me long to meet the wage requirement as the software is very quick (the wage requirement for Golden Palace Casino is 20 x (Bonus + Deposit) and I ended up on an even $400. More information about Golden Palace Casino

Club Player Casino

Okay so I decided to play at Club Player Casino today because the bonus they offer is quite hefty (400%) but is non cashable. I deposited $100 so I started with $500 to play with. As usual, I approached it by following the Blackjack Strategy guide and I found myself on a very nice winning streak. By the time I had met the wage requirement, I was up to $1000 so I was thinking to myself, "sweet I just made $600." But unfortunately, Club Player Casino do not allow people from Denmark, Australia, Israel, Poland, China and Finland to claim their bonuses. I'm from Australia.....doh. Always read the terms & conditions! They gave me my deposit back but it was silly of me to not have read their website properly. Nevetheless, I still recommend doing this bonus (if you're eligible of course). I could have been up another $600! Oh well. More information about Club Player Casino


I decided to play at Casino-On-Net today who offer a 100% bonus up to $200. I signed up using a credit card and deposited $200 and was given the bonus $200 straight away. Cool so I have $400 to play with and a wagering requirement of 20 x Bonus (in my case, $4000) to meet. Blackjack is the best way to go about doing these sorts of bonuses as the perecentage of winning against the house is close to 50%. I approached it by simply following the Blackjack Strategy and making sure I followed the rules set out by the Casino Whoring Guide. It's a long process as I was betting $2 per hand but it definitely works and after awhile I found myself in the low $600's (a profit of $400 so far). This is when I started to get a bit cocky and I started to bet $25-$50 hands. Stupid move. I found myself chasing money I had lost, only to dig myself into a bigger whole. Anyway, after meeting the wage requirements, I withdrew and I ended up with $394 (a profit of $194). It took casino-on-net a couple of days to process the withdrawal and bam, $194 extra in my bank account. Note to self, next time stick with small bets and don't get impatient. I could have left with a handy $400 profit had I not gotten cocky Note: Casino-On-Net does not allow players from US. For players from US, I recommend playing at Club Player Casino instead. More information about Casino-On-Net

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