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Cryptologic Online Casinos

After starting its operations in the year 1995, Cryptologic has become one of the leading companies in the multi-billion dollar gaming industry. It is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ, Canadian Dealer Network and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

As a top e-gaming developer and supplier, Cryptologic has offered some of the most innovative casino and online poker software available today. It was among the first few companies to run a ‘play-for-money’ casino.

Cryptologic is built on the fundamentals of the old economy and capitalizes on the promise and growth of the new economy. The mantra has worked immensely well for the company and it has acquired for it a place among the top companies in the online gaming industry.

The habit to constantly innovate has helped the company to become a leading provider of gaming software in the industry. In addition to that the wide variety of games it has developed definitely makes it a strong contender for the top position the company finds itself today. The company has developed more than 200 games and the number is increasing with every new release. Cryptologic has developed a flair for staying ahead in the gaming industry. It has been constantly developing the gaming products that are innovative and entertaining. Its highly organized market research campaign enables the company to understand the precise requirements of the contemporary gaming market. The company develops all its products based on these researches.

One of the most popular gaming solutions being offered by the company is the Cryptologic Online Casinos this is based on the Flash and Java platforms, Cryptologic has more than 200 downloadable games and over 60 browser-based casino, table, slot, and progressive games. These games offer true-to-life graphics, multi-player platforms, and a combination of the best features of slot and video games.

Cryptologic Online Casinos have won various awards for several years and it has been among the top rated games for casinos, players, and industry journals. The Cryptologic Online Casinos are thoroughly entertaining and have been instrumental in increasing the traffic to the websites, thereby helping to grow the business. Poker is the game that can lay claim for being the most popular in the online gaming circuit. Cryptologic successfully developed the poker game to meet the requirements of the clients in this regard. It has been constantly innovating to come up with the kind of games that would catch the eye of players.

The online gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. The presence of many companies who develop gaming software means that the competition is intense. Against such a backdrop, Cryptologic has been consistently delivering quality and innovation, making it an important player in the gaming industry.

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