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Blackjack Guides

This article provides an overview on how blackjack games work and some basic strategies for winning at them while also providing insights into playing online casinos responsibly with other casino topics pertaining specifically to this particular game such as age restrictions, gambling addiction, odds vs payouts plus much more!

Have fun playing this classic card game with your friends or family today by following these simple guidelines. We guarantee it's a winning hand every time!

So what is Blackjack? Simply put, it's a game where you are competing against the dealer trying to see who can get the highest total value without going over 21. It's a game that has been well established since the 1800's and has since become one of the most popular games at online casinos.

The good thing about blackjack is that it's one of the easiest games to learn and yet still competitive. The rules are simple enough - you take a card from your deck, then stand if you're at 17 or higher (unless there's an ace in which case your total goes up by just one). When it comes time for the dealer to give themselves cards, they'll do so only after giving out two rounds of options for everyone first. If you have a natural 20 with any combination of cards before going over 21, congratulations! You've won half the game.

If you are interested in learning how to play blackjack for free before trying your luck with real money games then we recommend reading our blog post on a list of top rated sites where players can enjoy this classic card game without risking their savings. Our team has done all research so that you don’t have to.

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Introduction to Blackjack

The most common question we get is “How do I win at blackjack?” This article answers that question in detail, teaching you all there is to know from how cards are dealt and what each one does, through basic strategy tips which will help you make better decisions during gameplay.

Basic Strategy Tips

Basic strategy tells us when we should stand (and not draw more cards), hit (draw another card) or double down (draw two cards). You can think of it as a set of guidelines that ensures the player makes good decisions and minimizes the house edge.

Basic strategy is meant to be followed more or less automatically, but there are times when players might want to deviate from these guidelines for strategic reasons. These tips will help you decide what’s best in those cases.

  • Always double down when dealt an 11 point hand as long as your odds are better than 50%.
  • Whenever possible always take insurance; it's worth even money but protects against blackjacks so make sure that you've got more than 20% chance before doing so! Let's say that the dealer has an ace up, so you have a 40% chance of getting blackjack if you don't take insurance.
  • Hit on 13 points and stand when dealt anything else unless the dealer is showing an ace or a ten card, in which case double down if your odds are better than 50%.
  • Never hit with 12 points as this will cause more losses than it wins over time.
  • Always split any pair that totals 11 points. This gives both hands their own chances to win without increasing the risk for either hand too much. So say that player's first two cards were sevens - they should now just call out 'hit me' instead of hitting again because the only way each subsequent round could result in a total point of 11 is if the dealer also had a seven and they split their cards, which would be a real long shot.
  • Always double down with any two cards that total nine points or more. This will give you an even better chance of winning than hitting on ten points because your odds are close to 50%.
  • Bust only when the deck has gone through "eight" rounds without blackjacks - meaning there's been 16 hands dealt out (not counting the first card) and no one has busted yet. If 14 people have already busted before this point, then busting becomes too risky so it's best not to play anymore unless you want to make bets rather than flips just for fun."

Blackjack Strategy for Beginners

Are you new to the game of blackjack and want to learn some tips that will help you win more? Read on for our expert advice!

You may be wondering why we're giving beginner's strategy. The truth is, there are a lot of players who never get any better than this, but they still come back because it's an easy way to kill time. We've been playing in casinos for years now with nothing more than basic knowledge (which didn't work so well) and have learned from experience what does work when going up against the dealer. So if your goal is just to figure out how not to lose money while sitting at a table, then read these tips below!

Deal Cards When Your Hand is Good

One of the most important things to remember when playing blackjack is that you're not just sitting there waiting for your cards; you have a hand and can use it. If someone has given up, then by all means take their place! But if they still want to play or are betting big, then don't get in the way unless you have something worth fighting for.

What this translates into is: always deal yourself new cards as soon as possible with any combination of two-cards (except a pair). You need one card from each suit and preferably an ace. That's because once the dealer shows his/her first card but before he deals out their second, bet on anything other than taking another pass while risking half your money.

Blackjack Rules

There are two types of blackjack games: the one where you play against the house (you'll be dealt cards until there's a winner) and table games where other players at the table compete to see who has the best hands among them.

Blackjack is played using six decks of 52 cards each for eight total decks in rotation throughout gameplay. The player will get two initial "hit" cards before they need to draw additional ones from the deck as long as their first card was an ace through nine or ten, depending on whether it is face up or down respectively.

Each hand starts by dealing out two cards, one at a time. Face up if the first card is an ace or ten and face down for everything else.

A player's hand consists of two to six "cards" which are worth points according to their value; all suits have equal point values - eights through kings = 100 points, Aces through tens represent 11-16 (aces: 12pts., 13pts., 14pts., 15pts.), queens provide 17 pts.

The dealer stands on all 17s, and any 18 or higher. You can't go over 21 with your hand either.

The dealer always goes over 21 and loses when he exceeds that number with his own hand; playing against the house means you can't go over 21 either! So your goal is to make as many pairs until there's no more matches out of 52 cards left in play.

Blackjack Trainer

1. Practice blackjack against three different dealer strategies: Basic Strategy, Expert Strategy and Crazy Strategy.

2. Receive feedback on your decisions during play with our animated charts!

3. Learn how to count cards in a casino game you're playing live for the first time!

Our best-selling game is used by many universities to teach basic probability, as well as a way to improve your skills in the casino. With over 200 different hands you will never be bored or find yourself playing the same hand twice. This simple yet highly addictive card game has players place their bets either on one of two cards or both at once – without telling anyone what they are holding.

We cover everything from splitting pairs and doubling down to insurance and surrendering your bet if it doesn’t look like you have much hope for winning (like when an Ace shows up). We also offer helpful tips that go beyond just strategies for dealing with specific situations; tips like not playing with a sore head or after that big party.

History of Blackjack

Blackjack is a game that has been around for hundreds of years. It's also one of the most played casino games in America and Canada, according to The Guardian. Its origins are unclear but historians believe it originated from 18th century France with early versions containing some aspects of an ancient Persian card game called "as nas". In the 1930s, 21 was changed from blackjack (a natural) to black jack or simply 'black' giving us today’s version we know as Blackjack!

Whether you are new to Blackjack or an enthusiast, we've compiled a few guides to help you when it comes to playing at online casinos:

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