Casino Bonus Whoring Guide

Casino bonus whoring is a term commonly used to describe a strategy to make the most of bonuses offered by online casinos. The strategy involves a player playing conservatively to reach the wagering requirement, thereby enabling the player to cash the bonus.

The concept is basically to rely on profiting from a casino's promotional bonus without risking too much. Based on probability, you should be able to build a handy profit by the time you reach the wage requirement of a bonus.

In summary, you need to follow these steps:

  • Select a casino to play at from the list of best blackjack casinos. For specific examples of a particular casino, few the samples below.
  • Deposit into your account the amount required to receive the maximum amount of bonus
  • Follow the simple blackjack guide chart and place small bets
  • Never place large bets. You want to ensure that regardless of what happens, you can retain a profit
  • Once you have reached the minimum wage requirement for the bonus, withdraw

Specific examples that I have personally used this bonus whoring strategy on are below:

CasinoEuro - Expected profit is $90 to $190USD us players not allowed at this casino

  • CasinoEuro have a sign up bonus of 50% up to 100€
  • The wage requirement is of 10x bonus & deposit in order to withdraw
  • This bonus is received straight after you make the deposit which gives you another safety net for clearing the requirement and staying within profit.

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