Online Gambling FAQ

Is it Legal?

This question has been asked by millions, and the answer varies depending on where you live. Right now gambling laws vary greatly between countries. In the US, where most of the customers reside, online gambling has been prohibited, but since some of the online casinos are not based in the US, certain conditions now apply (For this reason, we have made it easier on our US visitors by providing filters to show casinos that allow US players). Currently any transaction that involves online gambling is not allowed if the casino is not licensed by the government. Always check an online casino's Terms & Conditions for eligibility.

Is it Safe?

Yes it most certainly is. These online casinos have a reputation to protect and by all means they want their customers to be protected at all costs. They do accept credit card transactions and other forms of payment. But unlike many other online merchants, there are companies that have been certified by an independent body for security. It is as safe as doing any sortof transaction over the internet.

Age Requirement

You have to be 18 years old to play. No Exceptions.

Is there any Software needed?

There are online casinos that will require you to download their free software to play. Most of these casinos have graphics that can’t be handled by a web based game. With online software, all your stats are updated in real time and your earnings are always on display. However, there are also legitimate casinos that will let you play online without any downloads via flash.

How do I Start?

Check out our Beginners Guide

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