Beginner’s Guide To Casinos

It can be very confusing when you first start gambling online and there are a few things you should always check before you make a deposit at any casino.

Terms & Conditions

Every casino has a section on their website listing terms and conditions. Make sure you read through them and understand all the rules that apply to you. The terms & conditions should also list player eligibility as some casinos refuse players form certain countries.

We constantly update this website to keep up to date with information about a casino and it’s terms & conditions but it is always good to recheck the casino website before making any deposit.


Online casinos offer a lot different types of bonuses and if you are unfamiliar with them, check out the Types of Casino Bonuses section. Some of them are great to take advantage of and can definitely make you some easy cash but make sure you understand the terms and conditions that apply to them.

Wage Requirements

Each bonus requires you to wager a certain amount which is called a wage requirement. A wage requirement means that you must play a certain amount of hands before you are allowed to withdraw.

So for example, Silver Oak Terms & Conditions advise that the wagering requirement for their 300% sign up bonus is 20 times the deposit and the bonus. So if you deposit $100, you would get a bonus of $300 and the wage requirement is therefore 20 x (300 + 100), i.e. $8,000. This means a player is required to bet at least $8,000 before their money can be withdrawn from their account.

Cashable Bonuses

Also known as sticky bonuses. If a bonus is cashable, it means that you are allowed to withdraw the bonus amount as soon as you’ve met the wage requirements. If a bonus is non cashable, you may only withdraw your funds minus the bonus amount you received.


Most online casinos give a large variety of options to deposit/withdraw funds. We recommend using Neteller or ECO Card as it makes the process of depositing/withdrawing funds much faster. Sometimes, for security purposes, casinos request that you send them documents to prove your identity such as a picture of your driver’s license or a utility bill.

Where to Begin

Okay so if you’re ready to play, we suggest checking out our Casino Bonus Whoring guide. It really is a great way to get started and will garauntee you will make a profit as long as you stick to the guide.

If you’re still unsure and unwilling to risk any cash, try out the No Deposit Casino Bonuses. There is no risk in these whatsoever and will help give you a feel of how a particular casino operates.

When in Doubt

When in doubt, use the customer support services that a casino provides. They are usually quite helpful and will be able to answer all your questions. If you need a second opinion on anything, feel free to Contact Us.

More Information

For more information, check out our FAQ section.